A downloadable mod

Compatible with source port GZDOOM and other pk3 readers/players.

This is my custom music pack for Doom II

Though this was a solo effort in the realm of soundtracking, I work with Luke Wilson now so it's 2 for 1. 

If you'd like to hire Luke and I to do a soundtrack for YOUR game... let us know @ http://theabsoluteinaudio.com

UPDATED May 23rd, 2022. The fixed version contains no TITLEPIC to drop nuisance of having that on better looking TITLEPICS from other mods...

Install instructions

drag and drop into the gzdoom icon and select doom 2 if properly configured.


Absynthium.zip 131 MB
Absynthium (NO TITLEPIC) Music Pack 1.pk3 131 MB


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Soon or Someday:

Absynthium Music Pack II: Andromeda

and Absynthium Music Pack III: Apocalypso